Hill Skills Day 1


 Today Dan was running the first day of a Hill Skills course for The Quantock Hills and Mendip Volunteer Wardens.

The day was based out of Charterhouse on the Mendip hills. The candidates covered a 16KM route in and around Beacon Batch, Rowberrow Warren and Velvet Bottom. 

During the day they covered; Basic weather and the affect it has on us on the hill. Appropriate clothing and footwear for hill walkers. Pace and nutrition as well as the following navigational techniques: collecting and catching features, pacing, timings, orientating the map, map symbols and recognition of them on the ground and taking a bearing from map to ground. 

The 6 candidates had a great day in the sun although the stiff northerly breeze made it pretty chilly. They were rewarded with great visibility across the Bristol Channel where the snow covered Brecon Beacons were evident.