Improving our environmental footprint

Over the last few months with our van coming towards the end of its lease (well about 6 months away), we have looked long and hard at our environmental footprint. Unlike President Trump, we think that it is important to protect the environment as best as we can.

Although we looked at Electric and Hybrid vehicles, at the moment the range of these motors and the availability of charging points is not yet ready for us to go this way. Hopefully with Volvo’s commitment to all their vehicles being Hybrid by 2019 when we review the lease again, other manufactures will follow suit and there will be far more options and more charging points available.

We considered both Petrol and Diesel and although there are some concerns over Diesel emissions, with the better MPG and other fitted technology now available we think this is still a reasonable option for us to consider.

So what have we done?

The iconic Wet and High van will shortly be replaced by a slightly smaller 7 seater vehicle which allows us to only use one vehicle when working with groups of 6 (previously we needed 2), has a much better MPG (70% better than current van on paper - so even if half true this will be a significant reduction in fuel) and a lower C02 emissions. The vehicle also has Stop/Start fitted which will reduce our emissions in traffic and easily removeable roof bars that will only be on when needed. We predict this new vehicle will reduce our vehicle footprint by approximately 25% which equates to around 1 tonne of CO2e

Further to this.

  1. We will endeavor to use local instructors where possible for bookings of 2 days or less and where kit does not need to be taken to the venue from our base.
  2. We encourage car sharing for courses through our new lift share web page
  3. We will try to base courses to minimise transport as much as possible ie try to walk out of centres we use as much as possible rather than drive.

We are currently researching options for Carbon Offsetting in the future and once we find an appropriate scheme to record our carbon footprint (for all activities, flights, office and vehicles) will look at options for offsetting this. We hope to have this in place for the next financial year.