Pricing for Private Instructor Hire

We now run a loyalty scheme. After 5 days of Private Instructor Hire you get 1 day free ie pay for 5 and get 6


The pricing structure for Instructor hire is simple.


£175 a day for 1:1 guiding


for every other person please add another £20 up to max group size:


£180    1:1                £260  1:5

£200   1:2                £280  1:6

£220  1:3                £300  1:7

£240  1:4                £320  1:8



Email us for special Charity Event rates.


This fee covers instruction and equipment use only. No travel or accomodation is provided.


Set courses are priced individually and may include other things.



Terms for Loyalty Card


1. Each card is issued to one client only and is not transferable. All clients who book private tuition will receive one from Jan 2016 onwards

2. You must make and pay for each booking yourself.

3. This relates to private instructor/bespoke coaching only. It is not usable with courses which have set fees

4. Only one person can claim per day ie if you as the card holder book a 1:2 session then only you can claim the points even if the other person has a card they can not claim

5. The free session is for 1:1 only but you can pay an upgrade (to the rates above) ie if you want to bring 2 people then it would only be £15 upgrade

6. The card will be valid for as long as Wet and High Adventures Ltd is trading

7. You must bring the card to each session to be signed and it is your responsibility to keep the card safe. If you lose it then you can be issued a new one but it will be a blank and you will need to start again.

8. In order to claim the free session you must surender the card by posting it in with your booking form (or seperately if you book online). 

9. You will be entitled to start a new card on your next paid booking.